Special Features

Parents & Teachers Meetings :- Since the child’s progress is the common target of the parents & the teachers , it is imperative that both must meet from time to time. Parents-teachers meeting’s are held to elicit their views about the progress of their words in particular & about the functioning of the school in general. Constructive suggestions from parents are welcome for the improvement of the standard of the school.

Remedial Classes :- Special & remedial classes are arranged for the brilliant as well as for the students who are coming from the remote areas & they are deprived from any approach of guidance. These classes are arranged for improving their academic records.

Morning Assembly :- Prayer is the broom that sweep out our hearts. So school is started with the morning assembly & with the recitation of God prayer, devotional songs , patriotic songs & thought for the day . Short speech is given by the students & teachers on a variety of subjects & important current events. The news is read out daily by the students. The assembly is dispersed after the singing of National Anthem.

Special Emphasis On Spoken English : keeping in view the increasing global recognition & importance of English language school lays special emphasis on improving the spoken skill among students. Students are also subscribed various English newspapers through out the year.

Gurbani Classes :- Gurbani classes are arranged under the guidance of perfect professionals in the school campus. Students learn different instruments like Harmonium , table , congo, etc. They are trained to compose Shabads & Bhajans on different ragas. Students have regular classes from class 1st onwards. These classes are a part of school curriculum. Students take part in Nagar Kirtans very excitedly. They have won many awards & momentoes at various Distt. & State level Competitions.

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